Marketing in Social Channels

Make your company or project visible on Facebook in a professional manner by using Facebook Fan Pages for Businesses. We develop your ‘face’ and make it ‘alive’ on a continous basis.

Facebook Fan Pages for Business is for companies to promote their business and/or strengthen the brand in the social network. We provide the solution «key ready» – this is the best option you can get!

What is included in the solution:

  • Create fully customized Fan Pages on Facebook
  • Develop professional design for your fan page, profile photos and we design images for customized tabs
  • Installs custom tabs/applications of your choice
  • Integrate your fan page to your profiles on other social networks
  • Calendar for atomized publications
  • Create 3 adds ready to launch on Facebook Fan Pages
  • Create a YouTube channel and connect it to your Facebook Fan Pages
  • User manual: «How to operate your Facebook Fan Pages»
  • 30 days free support after the launch of your Facebook Fan Pages